Why in home grooming?

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If you have a dog that's nervous, doesn't like being left or doesn't like the grooming process, in home grooming can be a lot less stressful for them. In their own environment with familiar faces, they're alot calmer. They also tend to get more rewards from their owner too!

Not all owners like the mess ( i do clear up!) that it can leave, but if your dog is happy with their groomer and relaxed in their environment, then that's a positive experience. My own dog hated being left, never mind in a scary place with a big bath and dryers. Even now, i cant use a blaster on him, but luckily he's short haired and loves playing the towel game. It's just the one thing in life he just doesn't want to enjoy. And i won't force him to. 

I bring everything to you and your dog. I just need somewhere to bath or shower your pup, and a quiet area to put my table up with access to a plug socket. Depending on your dogs experiences with groomers, and how relaxed they are, we'll take it in stages. It might be the first time is just a bath and getting used to the dryer and a sniff at a couple of other tools with some rewards and praise involved. Making the whole process positive each time and taking those extra steps into a full groom. A happy dog makes my job a lot easier. The risk of cutting a pup with scissors if they're wiggling about or writhing about on the table, is not one i'd take lightly. 

Getting them used to standing at home when you're training, brushing those legs, and rewarding, is something that you should be doing daily as a pup. Your groomer will thank you for spending the time to get them used to the process, because it makes our job easier and your pup is happy for it to be done because they realise it's not the end of the world and they'll probably get rewarded at the end of it too!

I don't mind if the owners stay in the room to watch, help, learn brushing techniques or ask questions either. The more you ask, the more we get an understanding of what you need to do at home and what the next stages are on the next groom too. Every little helps, every groom is taken a step further because weve worked together. 

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