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Lockdown has been quite productive for me, I recently qualified as an IMDT dog trainer. Big things for me, studying isn't my forte, neither is standing in front of loads of people I don't know trying to teach them how to train their dogs. I'm very much a visual learner and struggled at times. Whilst i've really enjoyed the process and learnt alot, i'm loving working with Walkies with Una and Colins K9 Training Services as 'on the job' learning is really helping me develop and put what i've learnt into practice. 

It'll be a long time before i'm abloe to set up on my own and for now, i'm applying what i have learnt and continue to learn to my grooming process. It's important for me to help your dog see the process as a positive process, not just being dropped at a grooming salon and pushed into the process. 

For me, training and grooming go hand in hand. What you put into your dog, you'll get out has always been my moto (in more ways than one, but feeding is a blog for another time!) and it's been really helpful in not just my grooming business, but also with my own dogs. Adapting to each dogs individual needs, watching them flourish and understand that grooming isn't the horror it's been seen as before, and working with the owners on what they can do at home to ease the process, it really is a positive process that we can all work towards. 

Time, patience, love, grooming, positive reinforcement. There are many more, but for me, starting the basics at home and with me and a trainer, your dog will absolutely see the grooming process as positive and look forward to me turning up with my table and hair dryer. Being able to handle your dogs paws and perform vet checks, both your vet and me as your groomer will absolutely love you! The more the dog sees as a positive process and change, the more helpful it is to us.

What you put into your dog, you will get out. 

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