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I finally got round to organising my website a bit better today, as well as adding a link to sign up to my newsletter (which i'll eventually get round to doing, but will be very informative and offer occasional discounts and offers too!) 

I've had so much fun meeting new clients for my new freework meet and treat sessions recently. So much so that i was busted chatting to a dog about my new carer in 'extreme dog grooming' (i.e me laid on the floor with a brush and chicken having a chat with a dog) by an owner this week, who found it hilarious. And i loved it because the dog who'd had so many issues with groomers, was happy enough in my company during a half hour meet for me to help get some of the matts out of his hair. I don't care how extreme i have to be, as long as the dog is happy! 

Anyway, i digress. These sessions are a half hour meet and treat, lots of enrichment games and fun for your dog, as well as getting used to some of my grooming equipment. If i'm honest, these are my favourite sessions and i'm so glad i've introduced them! All i need is a garden/quiet area that you're happy we might make a mess (i'll tidy up!) and for me to assess your dogs grooming needs, but also introduce your dog to me, different smells, games, fun etc and help them relax too! Theyr'e £25, and if i'm honest they tend to last a bit longer than half an hour cos i get carried away having too much fun as well!

Anyway, do get in touch to book. Even if it's just to watch my laid on the floor with treats and having a chat with your dog about grooming. It's probably very funny!

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