Services and Positive Grooming

Dog Grooming Services

It's a minefield trying to find a good groomer, and one that understands the needs of your dog. I take positive grooming very seriously and would never put a dog in a situation they aren't happy with. It doesn't help either of us. I'd rather spend time with the owners going through slow steps, getting nails clipped one by one, doing introductions at an early age to the varying stages of grooming. Think about it. As a young pup, or an older dog, if you've never seen a hair dryer before, or heard a pair of clippers or had anyone handle your feet, how would you feel? 

Depending on your dogs needs and happiness and what you are wanting to achieve out of your grooming session is most important. I charge accordingly to what we've done in that session, depending on breed and size of dog. What i won't ever do is force a dog into a situation they're not happy with. I'd rather build up to being able to dry your dog fully, or to clip, or clip their nails when they're happy with it. The grooming process is so important to both your dog and me and I want them to be completely happy with every stage. Not every dog is taught to stand on a table from a young age, and i get that.

My baths start from £35, and depending on whether we're clipping or hand stripping as we develop the grooming process, i'll adjust the prices as we go along. I work on a 1:! basis and also holistically, and always work with you and the dog to make sure that they are happy with the process. 

One thing that is important is to start as soon as they've had their vaccinations. even just for a bath, and to experience some of the tools we'll start to use. This is known as a puppy intro. 


Training and Behaviour Consultations


I am a Qualified Trainer with the IMDT and Canine Principles and also a Canine Behaviour Practioner (iscp.dip.canine.prac) with the ISCP. I work only with positive and holistic methods and proven scientific processes to work with you and your dog to achieve your end goals. We will create a plan between us of what your expectations are, what the dogs needs are and to help you understand the learning process, how to achieve it and the steps in between. 

My favourite area is rescue, i've been around rescue dogs and run my own dog rescue, so i understand probably more than most how much dogs need our help to adapt to our lifestyles and how important it is to take baby steps. I have 3 of my own, who aren't without issues, but are loved, companions and most importantly, safe from their previous lives. But it's taken alot of work to get them where they are today. 

My training sessions include a 2 hour first visit (£70) where we will go through what your expectations are, also what mine are and take as much detail as possible about your, your family life and, most importantly, the dog! We can set out a plan and start to work through some training at this session if the dog is happy to do so, and i will send you a training plan for working on at home as well as sessions with me. Follow up sessions after this are £30 per hour. 


Get in touch with me today, i'm more than happy to do a meet and greet as well and work out a plan with yourselves. The more we put into the sessions and the progress we make, is better for your dog in the long run.

And that's what the ultimate goal is. A happy, healthy, well groomed dog that is more than happy to see me when i turn up with my noisy dryer and table, or a happy, well socialised (not always just running around with other dogs) trained dog. And a positive relationship between you and your dog, using force free positive methods only.