Dog Grooming, Training and Behaviour Pawsitively

Dog Training (and humans!)

I charge £70 for the initial assessment, which is normally 1.5-2 hours to gather information, assess your needs and the dogs needs and what your goals are. I then put together a training plan for you. Further sessions are charged at £60 per hour, or a block booking of 6 1:1 sessions for £320.

I also do Seperation Anxiety work (via zoom for varying reasons). These are set packages with training plans for you to work on in between the sessions (half an hour twice a week via zoom) that can be bought in 6 or 8 week packages.  You can also message me with videos etc during the training package for help and we can set up more calls if needed. 

6 weeks are £400, 8 weeks are £480

Grooming Prices

Meet and Treat Freework sessions £25 for 30 minutes 

Grooms start from £35 depending on breed/size/what's required

Dog Behaviour 1:1's

This does vary dog to dog and what the needs are, but i generally charge £150 per hour for behaviour work. We would need a 1.5-2 hour session to start off with but i charge these as my usual training assessment at £70 so i can get a guage of what we need to do and work on and where the dog is at now,