Services and Products we recommend!

I use these services and products on my own dogs as well. I would never recommend a service or product that I wouldn't use with my own dogs, or someone that walks/boards etc withough checking them out or working with them as well. It's hugely important that your trainer/behaviourist/boarder is on the same wavelength as me in terms of looking after your dog and treating them like their own as well. These guys are highly recommended in their field and i'm very honoured to be able to work with and recommend them as well. 

Dog Walking

Katy at K9 and Feline Services is a fully licensed dog boarder and has rave reviews and very highly recommended:

Mandy and the team at The Dogzhouse are incredible with my dogs and they love going there!

Dog treats and chews! 

These are the only treats and chews my dogs will entertain and are great for training sessions and our grooming sessions as well